Microliter Dosing Syringe (MDS) enables an accurate, precise microliter dose to be delivered using standard prefillable syringes (PFS). Open architecture of the MDS allows a Pharmaceutical or a Biotechnology company to source syringe container closure components from their supplier of choice

This product hence allows seamless integration with standard pharmaceutical fill-finish infrastructure despite challenging dosing requirements. Error - free use and accurate, precise dosing capability of the MDS has been shown in summative human factors studies.

In summative human factors studies, the MDS has shown to deliver an accurate, precise dose compare to a conventional pre-filled syringes (PFS.)

21 opthalmologists were able to deliver an accurate,precise 20 microliter dose using the MDS with a 1mL long prefilled syringe (PFS) illustrating low user-to-user variation and precision.

A 50 microliter dose delivered using a standard 0.5ml PFS showed much larger variation and dose error compared to same dose delivered with a MDS sing a 1mL long PFS.


Four configurations of the MDS platform can be made available


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510(k), DMF discussions are ongoing with US FDA
Evaluation samples can be made available from the validation batch